What is the minimum age for TerraTech?

We want TerraTech to be a game for players of all ages. We have deliberately designed it to be accessible to as many people as possible; as soon as someone can use a mouse and keyboard, and can read at a competent level, they should be able to understand and enjoy our game.

Many of our development team have children and we want to make sure that the content is appropriate for people of all ages, including all children.

We think that TerraTech is suitable for children aged seven upwards.

Is TerraTech violent?

The core of the game is the construction of vehicles from individual parts, and the testing of vehicles through physics-based challenges, including through combat against other vehicles.

Vehicles can include weapons like laser beams and guns, and the game can show explosions.

The game is set in a fantasy alien world, and in general the vehicles are very different from real world vehicles. The game does not show real people or animals (or any humanoids or alien life forms); the only moving elements are mechanised vehicles or parts. The game also features mining, base building and crafting mechanics.

The special effects and graphical representations of combat will evolve during development of the game. One way of better understanding exactly how the game shows these is by watching some recent YouTube "Let's Play" videos featuring the game (just search YouTube using the search terms "TerraTech Let's Play" and pick some recently uploaded videos). Alternatively, you can download the latest free demo version of the game from our website.

Does the game feature bad language, drugs or other
 unsuitable content?

All in-game text and instructions are appropriate for all ages.

Game players can construct and name vehicles which will then appear as 'Invaders' in other players’ games. We have a policy against using offensive names, or creating offensive designs. We review a lot of the player-created invaders, although we are not able to look at all of them before they appear in other games. We encourage our players to report any offensive names so that any vehicles which break our rules are removed from the game as soon as possible. In addition, the 'Invader' feature can be disabled by the user revoking Twitter access to the game, so any player can be sure that the only vehicles he or she will come across are his or her own vehicles, or vehicles which we have created.

We also intend to add a multiplayer feature to the game in the future. This is still in development but may allow end users to communicate with one another. If so, the rules we use within our community on our forum and social channels (see below) will apply to those forms of communication as well.

Does the game feature drugs, gambling or other
 age-inappropriate activities?


What about your website, forums and social media

All of the content we create for our website and social media channels is appropriate for all ages.

Vehicles can include weapons like laser beams and guns, and the game can show explosions.

However, our forum, the Steam forum and our social channels all allow players and others to post comments. We have clear rules about offensive language and conduct here [http://forum.terratechgame.com/index.php?help/terms] and we ban or block anyone who breaks those rules.

What about your Twitch streams?

We take care to ensure that the content of our streams is appropriate for viewers of all ages. We don’t allow bad language, drinking of alcohol on-screen or references to activities like gambling that are not appropriate for children.

As with other channels, we enforce the same rules of language, behaviour and conduct on all viewers who participate in the Twitch chat.

Do you have an official ESRB or PEGI rating?

Our game is still at an in-development 'Early Access' stage, so the final features are not yet all in place. However, we plan to obtain age rating certificates before we launch the game on consoles.

Parent reviews/feedback

Our Steam page (here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/285920/] includes reviews from parents as well as other users, and we encourage any potential buyer to browse these reviews first.

Any questions?

If you have any questions please use our contact form and label the subject "Parental Enquiry" in the subject. We are happy to respond to any questions or comments from potential buyers of our game.