Player Survey - Update 1.4.4 Results

By Matt. Posted 27th July 2020

Player Survey - Update 1.4 Results

By Matt. Posted 27th July 2020

Here is what you had to say about 1.4.

Player Survey - Update 1.3.10 Results

By Matt. Posted 7th May 2020

Here is what you had to say about 1.3.10.

Player Survey - Update 1.3.8 Results

By Matt. Posted 9th March 2020

Here is what you had to say about 1.3.8.

Roadmap Update February 2020

By Russ Clarke. Posted 24th November 2019

What are we working on?

Designing TerraTech's New UI

By Nadim De Gouveia-Akhtar. Posted 24th November 2019

Read about the new UI

School of Block - How we add new blocks to TerraTech

By Rob Swinburn. Posted 27th September 2019

Learn how we design and implement new blocks in TerraTech

The Great Ball Contraption - A Community Collaboration Project

By Matt Guest, posted 16th Auguest 2019

How did something so ambitious turn into reality?

Co-op in TerraTech - A Story

By Matt Guest, posted 5th Auguest 2019

Read how Co-op came to TerraTech

Xbox and PS4 Update... Update

By Matt Guest, posted 10th June 2019

See whats coming to PS4 and Xbox One

Switch Launches Press Release

By Matt Guest, posted 15th May 2019

TerraTech is coming to the Nintendo Switch!

Wheel Steering in TerraTech

By Matt Guest, posted 9th November 2018

How do wheels work in TerraTech?

A Better Future is Coming to TerraTech

By Matt Guest, posted 9th November 2018

Read up on all the new blocks Better Future are bringing to TerraTech

Designing TerraTech's Intergalactic Corporations

By Kris Skellorn, posted 17th October 2018

Learn more about the TerraTech Corporations

The Tentacle Zone is coming to EGX 2018!

By Matt Guest, posted 13th September 2018

Come say hi

Launch Press Release

By Matt Guest, posted 2nd August 2018

TerraTech has officially launched!

Multiplayer & Free Week

By Zeena Al-Obaidi, posted 18th May 2018

Multiplayer Beta is coming, are you ready?

Big News On Console Release, Multiplayer & More

By Zeena Al-Obaidi, posted 9th May 2018

Big news from Payload Studios!

Insomnia 61 Line-up

By Zeena Al-Obaidi, posted 22nd August 2017

Check out the line up for the Tentacle Collective coming to Insomnia 61!

A Whole New World

By Jamie Finch, posted 2nd June 2017

Huge changes come to the world generation of TerraTech.

EGX Rezzed 2017 Tentacle Collective

By Zeena Al-Obaidi, posted 24th March 2017

Look to the tentacles for indie dev goodness!

Update 0.7.1 Incoming

By Jamie Finch, posted 27th October 2016

We're working on a completely new Crafting system, and have started initial groundwork for Multiplayer. find out more here.

Dev Diary 0.6.3

By Jamie Finch, posted 11th August 2016

Primarily focusing on AI, introducing the Scrap Magnet and a new Death Mechanic -- we're super excited to see what you guys think of this new update!

The New Missions Mission

By Kris Skellorn, posted 3rd June 2016

We have a new mission system in the works. I'm really excited about it. It's going to solve many of the problems we’ve had with the main game progression for a while now.

Twitch Partnership Announcement!

By Jamie Finch, posted 2nd June 2016

It's Official -- the guys over at Twitch have been kind enough to grant us partner status!

Dev Diary - Gauntlet

By Jamie Finch, posted 29th April 2016

For the last few weeks, the team have been busy working hard on this brand new challenge mode that will be coming your way in the not-too-distant future. TerraTech Gauntlet was unveiled on the Twitch stage at PAX East recently, and will be playable for the first time at Insomnia Scotland this weekend. Attendees will be able to jump on one of the 32 computers running the game – face the Gauntlet! – and then post their scores to the LAN leaderboard in order to make their ghost data available for all other players to race against. 

3D Printing Techs in TerraTech

By Jamie Finch, posted 14th April 2016

At Payload we're really excited about 3D printing. REALLY excited! We've always wanted TerraTech players to be able to have their own physical models of their favourite Techs, but until recently this wasn't really practical, as the cost of manufacturing individual small figures in plastic or metal was just too high. 

However, with the arrival of 3D printing, it's now possible to manufacture individual models in all sorts of different materials at a much lower cost. Perfect for TerraTech players! The challenge for us though is to find a way to integrate this into the game. 

Insomnia 57 - Round-up

By Jamie Finch, posted 22nd March 2016

Game conventions are a big part of what makes Payload Studios what it is. Starting way back in the Leftfield area at EGX Rezzed in March 2014 – we've always tried to bring new things to the shows to entice players into trying something a little different with TerraTech. We love coming up with new ways to show off TerraTech to fresh audiences. 

It was only a matter of time until this kind of thing got a bit out of hand... 

TerraTech 0.6 is here!

By Jamie Finch, posted 22nd March 2016

In the biggest update to TerraTech yet, we have some awesome new toys for you to play with! 

Dev Diary February 2016

By Jamie Finch, posted 9th March 2016

Hello! Little late on getting this one out - we've been working towards a pretty big update coughnoughtpointsixcough, but here is what we got up to in February. 

A special new block! Say hello to the SCU Storage block. 

PC Gamer Weekender 2016

By Jamie Finch, posted 7th March 2016

Hi guys! We have just got back from an awesome couple of days at the very first PC Gamer Weekender at The Old Truman Brewery in London.

We arrived on the Friday and began setting up our shared booth with our good friends Chucklefish.

We also had a lot of help from the guys at Chillblast Gaming PCs - who kindly provided all 9 computers that we needed to show off the games.

Skydome & Day and Night transitions

By Jason Howard, posted 1st March 2016

Since getting back after Christmas, Chris (the Lead Coder) and I have been trying out some new Skydome VFX. Many months ago we switched the game over to having a day and night cycle but in the process we lost a lot of detail in the sky. The old skydome used a 2D cube map with planets and clouds in it but with the sky changing color dynamically this was no longer possible so everything went away except for the sun.

Dev Diary January 2016

By Jamie Finch, posted 24th February 2016

Hi guys! So it's been a very busy start to 2016 for us...but now the new website is up and running - we can resume the Dev Diary goodness! Here is what we got up to in January.

One awesome thing that happened this January was TerraTech being in the first wave of Games In Development released over at!

Block Painting

By Katt Strike, posted 19th February 2016

For a long time, we've wanted to create an easier way to generate and transform Techs in game, and Block Painting is just that. It's a simple menu, sort of similar to the shop UI you in the main game, and in this blog post, I'm going to show you how to use it.

Currently this feature is available as a work-in-progress, only in our R&D Test Chamber, but we hope to graduate it to the main game in the coming weeks!

Banding Together

By Russ Clarke, posted 18th December 2015

We've taken TerraTech to a lot of events over the last two years. Trust us, a LOT. Showing the game to players is one of the best things we do and we always love meeting friends and fans, old and new.

Last weekend we trekked up to Birmingham to take on Insomnia 56 – the UK's biggest gaming festival. Insomnia is always one of our favourite shows and this one was the biggest and best to date. Inspired by their larger new venue and expanded programme, we also took the opportunity to do something a little different too.