TerraTech 0.6 is here! 

By Jamie Finch, posted 22nd March 2016

In the biggest update to TerraTech yet, we have some awesome new toys for you to play with! 

- The SCU (Singularity Containment Unit) Storage block makes its debut. This handy little thing will pick up any stray blocks surrounding it and add it to your new in-game inventory.You can view a tutorial on how to use the SCU here:

- Block Painting. When the inventory is open, all your blocks are at your very finger tips - ready to be placed onto your Tech in the most streamlined building experience ever. The R&D test chamber also offers access to the inventory, with an infinite quantity of blocks to build with. 

- Base Bombs: enemy Techs, replacement SCU's and player Techs will now all appear in the form of a base bomb hurtling towards the planet from the skies above! 

This, plus a metric Tech Ton of bug and crash fixes, crafting table tweaks, a GeoCorp makeover and new Venture blocks -- 0.6 is shaping up to be one giant leap for Intergalactic Miners!