TerraTech Twitch Partnership!

By Jamie Finch, posted 2nd June 2016

It's Official -- the guys over at Twitch have been kind enough to grant us partner status! This is due to our dedication to streaming the development of TerraTech every week day since the very beginning - which we wouldn't have stuck with if it wasn't for all our loyal viewers and community mods. Thank you for hanging out with us and taking part in each and every one of these live streams, we look forward to doing a whole bunch of new fun stuff with it.

So to celebrate, we're going to be giving our first month's worth of subscriptions to a charity that we have supported through our entire time developing TerraTech - SpecialEffect!

So what does being partnered actually mean to you if you choose to subscribe to our channel?

Subscribers will receive:

  • Tony Chat Badge for the TerraTech channel chat.
  • TerraTech/Payload Studios themed Twitch emotes that can be used on any channel.
  • Ad-Free streaming on the TerraTech Twitch channel.
  • Monthly Subscriber-only giveaways.
  • Subs can post links in chat without approval.
  • No time-outs from Moobot.
  • Monthly subscriber 'Game Lobby' access - once we reach a certain amount of subscribers.

We'll be looking to roll out some more awesome bonuses for subscribers as time goes on - but this gives you a good idea of what we're looking to do for the first iteration. Let us know what you'd like to see in the way of subscriber perks too.

Join us every week day over at www.Twitch.tv/TerraTechGame