PC Gamer Weekender 2016 

By Jamie Finch, posted 7th March 2016 

Hi guys! We have just got back from an awesome couple of days at the very first PC Gamer Weekender at The Old Truman Brewery in London.

We arrived on the Friday and began setting up our shared booth with our good friends Chucklefish

We also had a lot of help from the guys at Chillblast Gaming PCs - who kindly provided all 9 computers that we needed to show off the games. So getting their sign placement just right was of utmost importance. 

We had a split of 4 PCs showing off Starbound, 4 showing off TerraTech, and 1 showing off the newly released (and totally wicked) Stardew Valley

Doors then opened with a bang! We were really pleased with the amount of people that came over and showed an interest in all the games that were on show (and TerraTech of course). 

We also ran a couple competitions and gave away some awesome prizes! We tweeted out certain phrases that we wanted people to yell at us at our booth. 

"The Matter manipulator manipulates anything that matters."
"Strip Mine. On Time."

These two happy chaps won themselves a good old bag o' swag filled with all kinds of goodness we shoved in there with Chucklefish. 

This included a couple of copies of TerraTech, some copies of Starbound, a bunch of badges, stickers and T-shirts and a cool little poster! Pretty sweet right?

We also held a selfie competition - anyone who took a picture of themselves at the TerraTech booth and tweeted it with the hashtag #TerraTechGame was entered. We liked this one the most... maybe it was the beard? 

Either way... he won himself a copy of TerraTech. Hopefully he finds the beard blocks at some point.
These guys entered... but they got the wrong booth...
@DorisCarrascosa & @Mollygos

Of course... we also had to find some time to have a look around the show ourselves. Here is a bit of what we got up to: 

One game that really stood out to us was Glitch Runners by Torque Studios.

A 5-player side scroller beat-em-up kind of deal where 4 players have to run through a level, while avoiding obstacles that are being hurled at them by a 5th player (The Architect) on a separate computer.

We had a lot of fun playing this (Jamie whooped everybody as The Architect) and would encourage you guys to try out the demo which is available on IndieDB! 

We're looking forward to doing more shows like this - and we'll be announcing some more about that very soon. We have some big plans on the horizon that will hopefully take TerraTech to a whole new level when it comes to showing what we're made of at game conventions like this one. So watch this space!