Insomnia 57 - Round-up 

By Jamie Finch, posted 6th April 2016

Game conventions are a big part of what makes Payload Studios what it is. Starting way back in the Leftfield area at EGX Rezzed in March 2014 – we’ve always tried to bring new things to the shows to entice players into trying something a little different with TerraTech. Whether that be speed building Sumo Tech tournaments, climbing the leaderboard in a Rocket Challenge, or getting pummeled by a gang of unstoppable invaders after an undisclosed amount of time in the off-worlds – we love coming up with new ways to show off TerraTech to fresh audiences. 

It was only a matter of time until this kind of thing got a bit out of hand...

Introducing... The Tentacle Collective!

Ever since we hosted our first Independent Developer Showcase at Insomnia back in December, we've had even grander ambitions to create an amazing, distinctive space that we can share with some of the country's finest indies. 

As we said back then, we want to create a way for developers such as ourselves to band together and put on a great show for our fans, make new friends, and give some of the smaller guys a bit of a boost by including them in the booth too. 

So, with help again from our good pals at Multiplay Events, Chillblast and XSplit, Insomnia 57 became the beast's first outing. You'll be seeing it ride the waves again at many more events in future so if you're a fan of indie games then keep an eye on our social feeds, and if you're an indie who wants to join the collective then get in touch! 

This time though, we were joined by... 

...Glitchrunners, Shu, Esper 2 and Gang Beasts

As well as guest appearances from the likes of Arclight Cascade, The Walls Shall Stand and Hyper Bounce Blast

We were a lot more hands-on with the building process of this booth. Jamie, Stig and Russ headed up to Birmingham NEC a day before the show started to get building - high-vis jackets and everything! 

Sean & Alan from Torque Studios also made an appearance to help with set up!

Minus the slight destruction of the Army's recruitment stand by one of our more over zealous tentacles... these guys went up smoothly!

Jamie snuck a go on Coatsink's Esper 2.
...and Stig met his match...
After a couple mishaps and a spot of tentacle taming... we were done!

Then back to the hotel for an early night before the oncoming onslaught... 

Doors open the next morning. In came the crowds... 
One of the best ways to start your day - a slot in the Insomnia 57 opening ceremony!
Complete with a swag throwing competition... 

We live streamed from the booth the entire time (thanks to our good friends over at XSplit) which was a lot of fun! 

We also ran a load of competitions through our Twitter to give away a load of cool prizes. Well done to these eagle eyed socialites for winning your swag! 

We were also joined by a rather friendly bunch of volunteers from Staffordshire University! We really couldn't have handled the crowds around the booth without those guys - we're very grateful for all the hard work they put in over the weekend, so thanks guys! 

In short, we felt like our time spent Tentacling around at Insomnia was a huge success! It was great to see every game displayed at the booth receiving a ton of attention and getting players excited. Until next time!