EGX Rezzed 2017 Tentacle Collective

By Zeena Al-Obaidi, posted 24th March 2017

Updated 5th April 2017

EGX Rezzed is right round the corner, and you know what that means? The tentacles are coming!

This year is chockablock with indie developers with plenty of new content for you to get your hands on, including: Climax Studios, Twice Circled, Monothetic, Milky Tea, Wispfire, Crimson Owl, Dr Davient, and Omni Systems. Phew! Are there chills running down your spine or is it just us?

Climax Studios - RiftStar Raiders & Surf World Series


The tentacle collective stand will not only be showcasing one of Climax Studios' upcoming releases but two!

RiftStar Raiders is an arcade shoot ‘em up title in outer space for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. This game is all about raiding aliens, feds, and rival pirate gangs to loot and obliterate your way through nine four player co-op missions.

Surf World Series isn't really like anything that Climax Studios has developed before, and there's only one word that can describe it: aesthetic. It's both single and multiplayer. The concept is pretty straightforward and is pretty much what it says on the tin, but the challenge gets intense with 45 single player challenges, and online tournaments against up to 15 other surfers. Gnarly!



We predict that Beacon will get you guys crowding around in excitement. Not only is the title hard not to pay attention to, so is the plot. This sci-fi action top-down shooter, developed for PC and Xbox One, gets you killing enemies just as much as they kill you. But, once you die, you can take defeated enemies' DNA to modify yourself. Say whaaat!

Twice Circled - Megaquarium


Megaquarium was only announced last week by Twice Circled, and it has been coined as Roller Coaster Tycoon with fish. If you're a fan of creating and managing your own business in games from theme parks to hospitals, this is one to check out.

Milky Tea Studios - HyperBrawl Tournament


HyperBrawl Tournament is one hardcore looking title! Choose from a bunch of warriors and weapons to crush your opponents in either single or multiplayers game modes in this combat sports arena game. There's plenty of action to be a part of in this.

Wispfire - Herald


Herald is an absolutely stunning choice-driven adventure set all the way back during the colonial-era. This is all about uncovering dark secrets in a series of books with widespread inequality and injustice.

Crimson Owl Studios - Caromble

We're all familiar with brick-breaking games, but Caromble takes it to an entirely new dimension, let alone level, with skill-levels, power-ups, explosions, and unlockable challenges and boss fights.

Dr Davient - Blockships


Blockships is inspired by a mix of Space Invaders and Tetris - oh so retro. What does this get you? A pretty savage game of destroying other people's' ships to steal their blocks and make up your own, all while you're being shot at and trying to rebuild your own wrecked ship.

Omni Systems - Starlit: Colony


Starlit: Colony has Metroidvania gameplay where you need to check out photography to understand your surroundings, which then gets you to manipulate creatures and systems in order to survive. Trippy! What's better? This game is endless.

Playniac - Insane Robots


Insane Robots, described as 'Hearthstone meets The Hunger Games', is a card battler title that will capture your imagination with little effort needed. Malfuntioned robots have been sent into an arena to battle it out, and only your wit will save you - but certainly not your sanity.

Nosebleed Interactive - Vostok Inc.


Vostok Inc. has an incredible spin on the space shooter genre, where you will not only build your empire and defeat enemies, but you'll also collect some serious cash to be the most rich player in the whole galaxy - and the money really is the main part of this game. That's capitalist corporations for you!

Payload Studios - TerraTech


And last but not least by any stretch, it's our very own TerraTech! You're a miner from Earth who has been blasted to another planet after your home's resources have depleted. Players get building, shooting, and crafting in our procedurally generated world!

And that's it for the pretty impressive lineup! This all couldn't be done without the amazing support of Ukie, Amiqus, and Nvidia, so lots of love to them.

EGX Rezzed will be held at Tobacco Dock, London, from 30th March - 1st April. You can still get your tickets, so we hope to see you there!

UPDATE: Mission Completed

If you attended EGX Rezzed, you will know that the hype was real.

We set up the stand over two days instead of one, and that pretty much set the mood for the rest of the event - chilled. Some of the dev team even stopped by to give us a hand, including our 3D Artist Anton, and Programmer Peter.

Even Jamie did his fair share.

We saw both old and new faces turn up at the TerraTech booth, and it sounded like you guys had nothing but positive feedback (our favourite kind of feedback btw). It's always great to talk to people who came to previous shows to try out TerraTech, only to find that they can see how we've stepped up our game in such a short amount of time.

Some of you guys even started up your own Sumo matches with some impressive and, uh, not so practical Techs.

Hyper Brawl and Blockships were our two crowd pleasers, proving to be brilliant multiplayer party games, and Dr Davient took full advantage of this with competitions running throughout the event.

The rest of the games - Starlit: Colonies, Megaquarium, Vostok Inc., Beacon, Caromble!, Insane Robots, Herald, Riftstar Raiders, and Surf World Series - had a consistent line of people ready to play them, and you'll certainly be seeing them at other shows alongside TerraTech.

The tentacles drew a load of attention, especially from the likes of the BBC, Guardian, and a plethora of smaller publications hovering around the Tentacle Collective.

Our supporters - Ukie, Amiqus and Nvidia - were given a ton of love throughout the event, especially Nvidia's flashy kit that powered the majority of games in the Tentacle Collective area. We had a few groups of people ask us where they could get their own PCs, but unfortunately they were developer builds (sorry!).

We won't be hiding in the studio for too long, though - Insomnia 60 is in just over a week. Catch you there!