Dev Diary January 2016 

By Jamie Finch, posted 24th February 2016


Hi guys! So it's been a very busy start to 2016 for us...but now the new website is up and running - we can resume the Dev Diary goodness! Here is what we got up to in January.

One awesome thing that happened this January was TerraTech being in the first wave of Games In Development released over at GOG.com!


Horizon? What horizon?
Super secret feature leak.
Flame on!

I have been putting a ton of time into early multiplayer prototyping. You can see some of the progress here:

You can see both server and client players picking up and releasing blocks. The loose green blocks are owned by the client, and the red blocks are owned by the server.


Venture Radar
GeoCorp Cab Animation
Added a little tiny drill to this guy!

Drew up a couple concepts for some improvements that could be made in R&D. Things like ramps (that work), targets that track how much damage they’re taking, cool speed laser things... you get the idea.

Made some colour blocks for R&D. Looking forward to seeing what people make with these!


I’ve been making a ton of blocks!

Venture Battery
Venture Cab Animation
Venture Shield
Venture Regen
Venture Tractor (See Stig's concepts)
GeoCorp Buzz Saw
Venture Landing Gear
GSO Ground Clearing Wheel
GSO Static Generator


Drew up some concepts for the Venture Tractor Lock. The idea behind this being that resources are able to ‘lock’ in place and remain still at high speeds - perfect for Venture wheels!

As a lot of you are aware - our website and forum have been having a load of troubles recently. Sai Wun pulled the website down to investigate what was going on and it seemed to fix the forum's dropping connection issue, so we decided to keep the website dead. I’ve been working on a design for the new website which you should be visiting the first iteration of right about now!


Graduated several blocks from EXP to their corporations:

  • GSO Small Plough
  • GeoCorp Plasma Cutter
  • Venture Zoomer Wheel
  • Venture Pip Machine Gun
  • Venture Battery

Removed Cab-cab from the game.

Reduced the value of selling all uncraftable blocks to BB100 each.

Added our all new colour blocks to R&D


I've been working on some mission and challenge prototypes recently. Just some ideas and proof of concepts really - none of this is guaranteed to make the cut. But they look fun nonetheless!

Combat Arena prototype
Gap Jumping Challenge prototype
Landing Target Challenge prototype
Ring Flying Challenge prototype
R&D Racing Challenge prototype
Hmm, this looks interesting...


A little play around I had with Block Painting and the new Colour Blocks in R&D!