Dev Diary February 2016 

By Jamie Finch, posted 9th March 2016


Hello! Little late on getting this one out - we've been working towards a pretty big update coughnoughtpointsixcough, but here is what we got up to in February. 


Like most things in TerraTech we want the blocks themselves to give the players features. After prototyping block painting and testing it in R&D, we've added the block painting functionality to the SCU Storage block. 

Most of this sprint has been hooking up these systems, adding bomb based Tech delivery, and catching edge cases with the planned systems. 


I have just changed the sprite logic so that the deployed game loads images auto-generated at build time. This should help the game start up faster. 

Had a play around with some prototype race track spawning stuff. This will allow race tracks to be defined using splines, instead of individual points. This makes it easier to author tracks and allows us to show the player the contour of the track if/when it spawns into a player's world.  


I was prototyping the new fabricator (also refinery, scrapper, generator and delivery cannon) based on the new design where they sequentially take specific recipes into a single input. 


Challenge Markers. Can work as start lines for rolling starts, finish lines and markers like slalom skiing.
Drew up some rough character concepts.
Some early concepts of a special new block...

Some not-so-early concepts of a special new block... and some more concepts. 

A special new block! Say hello to the SCU Storage block.


It has been a very productive February for me...here are all the blocks I made! *phew*.

Made some adjustments to the GeoCorp Cab and helped get Jason's animation working!
The GeoCorp Terminal - complete with antenna animation.
GeoCorp Remote Charger
GeoCorp Armour Plate
Venture AI Cab
Venture Terminal
Venture Wing Expander
Venture Middle Wing
Venture Tail Wing
Venture Remote Charger
Venture Speedometer

Created a new fabricator for some of the upcoming crafting changes. Things are looking to get a lot more streamlined soon. 

GameBlast 2016

We hosted a very special stream event for Gameblast recently and managed to raise a bunch of money for charity which is awesome! Thanks everyone who joined us for that and donated - we had to do some pretty strange things for your amusement... most of which you can see here: 

We also played Chubby Bunny and discovered that Stig’s mouth is way bigger than Anton's.

Thanks for reading - we hope you feel sufficiently up to speed with all things Payload. 

See you in the next Dev Diary!