Block Painting 

By Katt Strike, posted 19th February 2016

Hey there guys, this is Katt from Payload Studios here to show you our newest feature that has just launched to the TT_Unstable update on Steam – Block Painting!

For a long time, we've wanted to create an easier way to generate and transform Techs in game, and Block Painting is just that. It's a simple menu, sort of similar to the shop UI you in the main game, and in this blog post, I'm going to show you how to use it.

Currently this feature is available as a work-in-progress, only in our R&D Test Chamber, but we hope to graduate it to the main game in the coming weeks!

How to use Block Painting

Firstly, you're going to need to open up the R&D Test Chamber.

Once R&D is up and running, you'll need to press B to enter the build beam mode. Once you enter Build Beam mode, it will automatically bring up the Block Painting palette for you to use.

On the left hand side here you can see the Block Painting menu. It has several different categories which you can see down the left side of the UI as well as the corporation logos across the top. If you want to know what each icon means, simply hover your cursor over it.

It's really simple to use. You just click which block you want and attach it to your Tech!

If you wish to de-select blocks whilst in this mode, then you just press Alt and you will return to grab mode. If you want to delete any of the blocks on your tech then hold down Alt and click the block you wish to delete - simple!

When you click Alt you should notice that the block highlights have disappeared (shown on the right-hand picture).

At the moment, we would really appreciate any feedback that you may have on this feature (hence why it is exclusive to the R&D Test Chamber). There are a couple of bugs in this feature, so if you experience any could you please forward all the details along with your save and output logs to [email protected]?

If you get the chance to test this out, make sure to tweet your creations to us at @TerraTechGame, or post them in our forum here!

Alternatively, if you have any ideas for how we can improve block painting or any problems to report, then could you please leave details in this forum post here.

Happy Building!