Banding Together 

By Russ Clarke, posted 18th December 2015

We've taken TerraTech to a lot of events over the last two years. Trust us, a LOT. Showing the game to players is one of the best things we do and we always love meeting friends and fans, old and new.

Last weekend we trekked up to Birmingham to take on Insomnia 56 – the UK's biggest gaming festival. Insomnia is always one of our favourite shows and this one was the biggest and best to date. Inspired by their larger new venue and expanded programme, we also took the opportunity to do something a little different too.

We give you... the Independent Developer Showcase!

This is how it all looked when we got there on Thursday afternoon...
... and this how it looked when we'd finished setting up with our pal Jason from Boneloaf.

For a while now we've been working on an idea to band together with other indies to come up with something larger scale than normal, and thanks to some help from the great Insomnia team at Multiplay Events that's exactly what we did at i56.

We discussed a number of different layouts and approaches but eventually plumped for a great corner space right near the main stage that we filled with top-notch gaming kit courtesy of our sponsor Chillblast.

Many thanks to our fantastic sponsors Chillblast!

Our good buddies over at Boneloaf (developers of the fantastic Gang Beasts) came on board as our main dev partner, but six other games also took 'guest developer' screens too, so we managed to introduce an impressive array of great new games to the ever-enthusiastic Insomnia crowd. Thanks to Pixel Tailors for The Wall Shall Stand, Untame Games for Mushroom 11, Secret Games Co for Rise: Battle Lines, Spilt Milk Studios for Tango Fiesta, Sigtrap Games for Sublevel Zero, and Drool for Thumper. All fine games that you should check out if you haven't already!

The stand was absolutely packed throughout the entire weekend and we had a brilliant response to everything on show, as well as lots of entries to the competitions and challenges we ran throughout the weekend too.

We have big ambitions for the independent developer showcase booth at a range of other events in 2016, including even bigger games and giveaways, and a constant show-floor live-stream marathon too, but we're really proud of how this first trial went. It just goes to show what's possible when developers pool their resources and work together to create something different that works for everyone involved.

Take a look at our gallery here to see the highlights of i56 and let us know what events you'd like to see us at next year or which games you'd like to see on the showcase booth in future.

Massive thanks once again to everyone who helped, but especially Multiplay, Chillblast, Boneloaf, all our guest developers, and also Warwickshire College in Leamington Spa who lent us a couple  of their games art students to help man the booth.