A Better Future is coming to TerraTech

By Matt Guest, posted 9th November 2018

After three days of cracking codes, our community on Discord finally unveiled what Sgt. Smash was trying to decipher: something big is coming.

That something, we can now announce, is Better Future, one of the four new Corporations planned for TerraTech.

What is Better Future?

Design geeks creating ultra sleek, minimalist, desirable objects have turned their styluses to developing a range of green, carbon negative, enviro-harvesters.

These secretive hype-teases are selling us the opportunity to prospect the new world in style, for a luxury fee.

They're changing everything, yet again!

Headline Features


The very first hover cab is here.

Built-in atmospheric filtration and endothermic environmental systems make this the greenest cab ever.


As hover technology is in the very essence of Better Future, you can expect seamless hover-powered traversing.

Redesigned from above-the-ground up, it’s the biggest change to hover pads since hover pads.


Glide through the air like an Orca through water. Next generation aerodynamism: Sleek. Smooth. Superfluously scientific.


Half the wheel, double the efficiency. Better Future's Halo wheels are fast, responsive and awesomely futuristic.

The Future

Monday 12th November 2018

We will be releasing the first wave of prototype blocks. This will be available on the TT_Unstable branch, only to R&D Test Chamber owners.

Monday 26th November 2018

The first wave of prototype blocks will be available to all PC players on the TT_Unstable branch in Creative Mode.

The second wave of prototype blocks will be released on the TT_Unstable branch, initially for R&D Test Chamber owners.

December 2018

All PC players will receive a full update containing all current Better Future blocks in Creative Mode.

Early 2019

PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players will get Better Future in both Campaign and Creative modes.

Better Future Techs

Check out this album for some Better Future example Techs.